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Bad goes around

July 24, 2008

A bunch of my colleagues experienced the delta skelter.

About 10% of the Microsoft people travelling from Atlanta to Brussels on july 21st couldn’t find their luggage in Brussels. Some of the luggage are still missing today. Among the retrieved ones, the suitcases of my lovely colleagues Valérie and Virginie… in a very bad shape (see picture). Valérie called Delta today to discuss a compensation but they asked her to call again within a week.  They obviously don’t have the time to handle her complain.

Bad goes around


Delta skelter

July 1, 2008

I complained about Starwood’s lame customer service.

According to Joseph Jaffe, Delta airlines provides an even worse service to their “preferred” customers.

After the post, here comes the video:

The editing isn’t fantastic (reading is quiet difficult) but I really love the idea. Congrat’s Jaffe, you show us the way.

Nightmare at Sheraton – Episode 3 (awakening)

June 25, 2008

I replied to starwood with the following mail

” Thank you very much for your mail. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can use this solution since there is no Jean Deltenre living at my adress. It’s just an encoding mistake made by your services: They typed “Jean” and they should have typed “Philippe”. Is there a way to correct that at your side? I will stay at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlanta as from july 15th and I really would like to benefit from my points. “

and this time, I received the answer I expected from an “Assistant Manager, E-Communications Department”:

“Thank you for sending another email request, this time we will make it right.
In reviewing our email correspondence we failed to answer your question; on behalf of the E-communications department I sincerely apologize. I have corrected the first name on your Starwood Preferred Guest account to Philippe.
In your last email you mentioned that you will be staying at the Sheraton in Atlanta on July 15th; Please do not hesitate to contact a Starwood Preferred Guest representative for assistance in making your hotel reservation at (phone number). Thank you for your dedication to our Starwood properties and being a valued member of our Starwood Preferred Guest program.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require additional assistance.”

Seems that my problem is solved. I also really appreciate that the admitted their mistake. Nevertheless, If I could give starwood a piece of advice, it would be the following:

– Do not send a standard answer without reviewing it. Your first reply was beyond ridiculous.

– Use technorati and monitor your brand(s)

– All the mails you sent me were from the same email adress even if there were different senders.  It’s very difficult to interact in that case. Please consider personalized emails for your staff, I can’t even send a mail to thank Marcella who solved my problem.

Marcella, I hereby thank you

Nightmare at Sheraton – Episode 2 (the specialist)

June 24, 2008

I was very tempted to be sarcastic in my reply to starwood (see yesterday’s post), but I assumed they just sent me a standard answer based on some keywords they identified in my previous mail.

So, I made a short reply “Thanks for your reply but how could I show you documentation with my “former name”? You just made a mistake by calling me Jean Deltenre instead of Philippe Deltenre

I received an answer by a “Specialist, E-Communications Department, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide” (wow!)

Thank you for your email reply. I welcome this opportunity to assist you further.
“While we are unable to allow change the name on a Starwood Preferred Guest account without documentation. We do allow unlimited Starpoint transfers between accounts of members in the same household.
You may transfer your Starpoints to another member’s Starwood Preferred Guest account, or vice versa, as long as the following requirements are met:
1. Both members live at the same address.
2. The member from whose account the Starpoints are being deducted must advise us of his/her password.
3. Neither member is an employee of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.
For further information on transferring Starpoints or to make a transfer, please contact your nearest Account Services Center, where one of our Associates will be happy to assist you. Within the United States and Canada you can contact us by calling toll free 1-888-625-4988 or visit our website for the telephone number of the office nearest you.
We appreciate your continued loyalty to the Starwood Preferred Guest program and welcome any further questions or concerns.”

OK, so, now we have a solution. I just have to ask to Jean Deltenre who lives in my house to transfer me his points… oh, but wait, there is no Jean Deltenre living with me (even if I sometimes hear strange noises coming from the attic)

Starwood, please hire John P. from Dell and pay the guy a million bucks. You really need a guy like him.

Nightmare at Sheraton – Episode 1 (Mulva)

June 23, 2008

Yes, it’s been a long time. I must admit that I lost the sparkle. I was more into swimming and brazilian jiu jitsu than into marketing readings the last months. It’s probably also because I’m not in a customer facing job today and I miss that badly.

Today, I’m back because I want to have conversations again, thanks to Geert who boosted me last week and also because I have something to tell you: Starwood hotels have a very poor customer service!

I went to Egypt in march in a nice Sheraton hotel (El Gouna), they proposed me the “Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Program” and I accepted it. I’m travelling to Atlanta next month and I will stay at the Sheraton. I received my SPG card last week… and I realized they made a mistake in my first name: instead of Philippe Deltenre, they refer to me as Jean Deltenre (the adress and other details are correct). I went to and found a customer service adress.

I wrote the following mail:

“SPG Number:******9082
Subject: General Comment
I received my SPG card a few days ago. The first name mentionned on my card is not correct (JEAN instead of PHILIPPE). How can I proceed in order to have a card with my correct details? Thanks
First Name: Philippe
Last Name: Deltenre
Membership Level: A”

Here’s the reply I received one day later:

“Dear Jean Deltenre,
Thank you for your recent email concerning your Starwood Preferred Guest account. I welcome this opportunity to assist you.
We always want to be sure that you’re pleased with our service so we’ve included a link to a brief survey at the end of this email. I would very much appreciate it if you could take a minute or two to let us know how we’re doing.
We would be pleased to change the name on your account as requested. However, for security reasons we require legal documentation that shows both the former and current names. Please note that a driver’s license is not sufficient verification for a legal name change.
Please send a copy of your marriage certificate or certificate of name change to:

Errr, this looks like a bad start in our relation. They probably assumed I underwent a gender change or married another man (not that there is something wrong with that)… I save the next episode for tomorrow but I can tell you already that it looks like the fist minutes of the movie BRAZIL