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Big seed marketing (1)

January 8, 2009

Beyond the buzz, beyond the fact that the marketing rules may have changed, every communication plan has 3 variables:
The Reach: How many people will receive your message?
The “persuasion rate”: How many people will consider your message to be relevant to them?
The reproduction rate: How many people will be willing to forward your message?

The so-called Marketing 2.0 tells that you have to maximize the reproduction rate and use hypersegmentation to raise your relevance (persuasion rate)… I believe that marketing 3.0 will re-integrate reach to get the best out of the marketing equation.


Online to boost offline response?

August 14, 2008

I joined through linkedin a Cross Media Experts group. The conversations going on in the forum are pretty interesting. One of the discussions is about the efficiency of online advertising. Basically, we all agree to say that online advertising is highly measurable, targeted, potentially entertaining, that it allows constant optimization of the campaigns based on response rates and that it can have a synergetic impact on cross media campaigns.

Among the reactions in this online advertising thread, one approach was somehow disruptive

“Online comes in handy when vetting different creative executions for inclusion in press and other offline media. Step 1: Run a series of creative across a network. Step 2: Monitor response differentials across these creative. Step 3: Run with the most responsive in a press or outdoor medium. Response and interactivity information gleemed from online will go a long way to boost offline media effectiveness”

Is it a good idea to use online to test what will become your future offline campaign? What’s your opinion about that?

Marketeers next gen

May 16, 2007

The last weeks, we receive every day requests from marketing students working on a mock media plan. I wasn’t at Microsoft last year but Thierry, my manager told me it was a new phenomenon and that it was very significant.

It shows 2 things: the affinity of the young generation with internet (but that’s not a surprise) and the fact that the marketing generation that is about to arrive on the market has a strong awareness of the online advertising power (in a country where only 3% of advertising budgets are spent on the web). It’s also a message to the advertisers targeting the 18-24 who should invest a little more where their consumers are spending more than 20% of their media time.