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Second life porn tycoon

March 30, 2007


Pervert-at-large, erotic facilitator, pornographic mogul… that’s how Kevin Alderman describes his second life avatar: Stroker Serpentine (cool nickname), developer of avatar genitals, sex animations, fancy beds,  and other erotic accessories sold through the Strokerz Toyz boutique.

After the sales of a Stroker Serpentine’s Amsterdam sim on eBay for 50.000 bucks, Alderman was interviewed by wired. A nice insight of sexual exploration in virtual worlds.


The very end of the long tail

March 24, 2007


While majors keep claiming that internet is slowly killing their business, things happen in the music business at the other end of the long tail: Creel Pone proposes a surprising and interesting CD-R catalogue of (very) rare early electronic and avant-garde music. No streaming or download here. The website is the most basic website you can imagine which adds charm to this initiative.

If you want to listen (long) samples, pay a visit at Weirdo Records.

(picture: John Cage – concert for piano and orchestra)