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Just when I thought about quitting

June 24, 2007

I sent a mail about 10 days ago to Lewis Green and Bob Glaza about a mysterious band based in Belgium called Bang Lassi. Last friday, Lewis wrote, in his fantastic “Fridays and weekends rock”-series, a great post about Bang Lassi, echoed in a very creative way by Bob Glaza. Here’s a line from Lewis’ post

Mostly we will look into Classic Rock Bands. But today I feature a band that a few weeks ago was Bang_lassi introduced to me by Philippe Deltenre, a Belgium friend. The band, Bang Lassi, blew me away.

I also left a link to a Bang Lassi song on Tim Brunelle’s blog who replied

I’m hearing Thin White Duke-era Bowie, the Beach Boys, some Queen, some early Yes, a little King Crimson and some Dresden Dolls. Fun track. Really nice harmonies and orchestration!

I have a profound respect for the musical opinions of Lewis, Bob and Tim since those guys have a very broad musical culture.

Bang Lassi is clearly in an end sixties-early seventies tradition: the music is complex and rich, far away of the usual mainstream airplay routine. Their approach of music can be regarded as radical and without compromission and I wonder: What can web 2.0 and social media do for them? How can we identify the influencers that will spread the Lassimen work? Which “marketing strategy” would you advise?


Disruption powa!

June 14, 2007

France is a very conservative country as far as music is concerned. There are plenty of amazing and innovative artists but there’s no much room for them in the narrow french media landscape.

I watched yesterday evening the finale of “La nouvelle star”, the french version of American Idol. Here’s the winner

The other candidates of the show were very classical (Barbara Streisand and Elton John clones). I was very pleased to see this alien, tattood with the name of  Marcel Duchamp, win a mainstream song contest. Beyond the fact that he was my favourite candidate, I was glad to see that disruption works. I hope that marketers will take good note of that.

#100 (aka happy nostalgia)

June 9, 2007

This is the hundredth post of my blog already.

Times flies when you’re in good company 🙂

I don’ t want to talk about marketing today. My brain is bugging due to a flu… So, let’s talk about music. I used to be part of a band (it’s not dead but it’s a sleeping project) and if I had to remember one moment of our musical journey, it would be the “nuits des arts électroniques” where we performed in front of a big crowd (well, not that big but the 500 people that night were by far the largest audience we ever had) and it was a happy moment despite the darkness of our music. We ended the concert in a pretty wild and noisy way and probably damaged some ears.

Here is a diaporama of pictures with the opening track we played that day (we started with a 3 minutes minimalist ambient intro). I don’t know if you will like it but I can assure you it’s a great souvenir. And if you really hate the track,… you’ll think that my posts are very consistent with the name of this blog.

And here is a Bonus track: Aureus

Multitasking miracle

April 20, 2007

I found this video through The guy playing flute is also a human beatbox. Amazing!

Who said that our brains can’t do even two independent things that require conscious thought?

The revolution will be no re-run, brothers

April 9, 2007

I’m going dark for a few days. Even if I don’t connect, I’ll work on the remaining 5 questions of the FAQ.

Untill my next post, remember that:

The revolution will put you in the driver seat
The revolution will not be televised

(The revolution will be online)

The very end of the long tail

March 24, 2007


While majors keep claiming that internet is slowly killing their business, things happen in the music business at the other end of the long tail: Creel Pone proposes a surprising and interesting CD-R catalogue of (very) rare early electronic and avant-garde music. No streaming or download here. The website is the most basic website you can imagine which adds charm to this initiative.

If you want to listen (long) samples, pay a visit at Weirdo Records.

(picture: John Cage – concert for piano and orchestra)

Synchronicity again

March 23, 2007


Denis posted 2 days ago about video mashups… and 2 days ago, Parkridge47, the first video mashup superstar came out on his blog.

His “vote different” video posted 18 days ago already reaches 7 digit figures. 

My friends have psychic abilities!

My most embarrassing moment

March 20, 2007

Steven Bochco, writer and producer of NYPD Blue is looking for a new breed of storytellers. He teamed up with the video sharing website metacafe, the first user-generated video sites that pay people for their content (5 $ per 1000 views), to produce “Steven Bochco’s cafe confidential”, a serie of short tell all videos without sets, scripts, editing or special effects. The best videos are eligible for price money.

The concept isn’t very new. The innovation is more in Hollywood’s interest for that kind of User Generated Content (the first contributions were scouted by Bochco’s team). It’s also a sign that The role of a TV producer is more and more to send content to (any kind of) screens and not any more only for broadcasting formats.

A few themes are proposed: my weird family, my craziest day at work, my wildest drinking moment, my worst date or my most embarrassing moment.

I believe I could win an embarrassing moment contest. I once threw up on the bride’s sister during a wedding.

The monkey song

March 16, 2007


I’m into the exploration of American Christianity today. I’m fascinated by the creation-evolution controversy and the emerging intelligent design movement in the United States, a “scientific” form of creationism.

 The song of the day on the remarkable 365 days project proves that even in the seventies, Darwinism wasn’t undisputed. Here is the monkey song

Sign of the times

March 14, 2007

To measure the gap between the seventies and today, have a look at the marketing of the US Air Force…

This audio was produced by the marketing department of the USAF in the seventies and it’s so seventies.

This video shows the way they communicate today and it’s so republican.

Two things

March 13, 2007

I never understood the beauty of sound poetry . I guess I’m not the only one.

I still don’t understand the succes of twitter neither. I tried hard…