I’m a PC and I admire CPB

I’ve never seen so much talking about Microsoft. Actually, after almost 3 years at Microsoft I never talked so much about Microsoft myself… This is maybe the reason why I don’t receive comments on my blog anymore :). CPB managed amazingly to put Microsoft at the center of the conversations. First with the Seinfeld/Bill Gates series and now with the “PC pride” (aka Life without walls).

Of course, Microsoft won’t become the coolest brand in the world overnight (see this post).

Yesterday evening I tried to explain to my son the concepts of reason and passion and the strange relations between those two concepts. And the PC/Mac dichotomy is much more about passion than about reason. I really like this quote on youtube by a user called prmd142 who wrote: “Get over it people…. buy only Apple products… Apple will eradicate poverty from the world… it’ll bring peace & prosperity to everyone… Steve Jobs is God’s messanger…. He alone can lead you to salvation… amen! “. Prmd meant this as a joke of course but I’m pretty sure it’s the state of mind of a lot a Mac users who really believe that, for some reasons, Apple is not truly a capitalist company.

I’m not a Mac. I’m a PC and I practice brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I’m a PC and I don’t shave every day, I’m a PC and I thank you for reading this post.


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4 Responses to “I’m a PC and I admire CPB”

  1. Sean Howard Says:

    Okay. These ads are good and give me confidence in CPB again.

    But why can’t they just put them up in an easily shareable format??? I’m on a Mac. Maybe I’m not supposed to watch these ads? 😉

  2. Jeroen Says:

    Those ads make the point about PC diversity in a wonderful, fresh and non-overstated way. A big step up from the “Wow” campaigns. I’m loving them.

    I am a PC and I play games with my wife on the Xbox before we go to bed 🙂

  3. Dave Says:

    CP+B did a great job in lower their own standards and everyone things job well done. Seems to me after tanking VW, Orville Redenbacher’s and NIKE they are close to tank this one. But then again Microsoft people wouldn’t know anyway.

    No offense here, I just expected truly more creativity from a leading ad firm.

  4. Lulu Says:

    Good words.

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