New media 2008

I accepted with great excitment to be one of the speakers at the New Media event 2008 organized mid december in Dubai. Among the speakers, I’ll have the pleasure to meet Robin Hamman, Magnus Nystedt, Philippe Borremans, David C Skul, Ammar Bakkar (MBC), Jonathan Woodier (Citi group) and acclaimed movie director Shekhar Kapur. Other speakers will soon be announced.

The headlines of my presentation as defined in the draft program are:

Engaging With Social Network To Maximise Your Reach But Also Manage Risks

  • Understanding the nature of networks
  • Recruit and unleash social network advocates
  • Assessing the potential return on using social networking website

The third bullet point is a tricky one, don’t you think? 🙂


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5 Responses to “New media 2008”

  1. Philippe Borremans Says:

    Looking forward to meet up ! The third point is always tricky 😉

  2. Philippe Says:

    Same here. 2 belgian guys headind to Dubai. Small country, big expertise 😉

  3. Jeroen Says:

    The third point is not that hard – it just requires some creativity. If you are a bank looking for a good place to get ROI on your banners or text links using social networking website is probably a bad idea, indeed…

  4. Robin Hamman Says:

    Easy! Where Social Media Goodness = n, multiply times users, divide by 1.2, add nine, shake twice and before you know it people will have no idea what you’re on about and simply assume that you’re so clever that there must be a positive ROI.

  5. Philippe Says:


    “assume that you’re so clever that there must be a positive ROI” is something that we should do more often in order to be innovative. If you only work within the boundaries of what’s measurable, you won’t do a lot.

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