Bad goes around

A bunch of my colleagues experienced the delta skelter.

About 10% of the Microsoft people travelling from Atlanta to Brussels on july 21st couldn’t find their luggage in Brussels. Some of the luggage are still missing today. Among the retrieved ones, the suitcases of my lovely colleagues Valérie and Virginie… in a very bad shape (see picture). Valérie called Delta today to discuss a compensation but they asked her to call again within a week.  They obviously don’t have the time to handle her complain.

Bad goes around


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4 Responses to “Bad goes around”

  1. Christine Wall Says:

    OMG…. I very new to flying like Monday will be my second flight anywhere. I actually have to check my bags in on this flight and this makes me almost scared to do so now!

  2. Philippe Says:

    Sorry to scare you…

    I can ad some stress by telling you that another colleague found her bras out of her suitcase.

    But even on delta, most of the time, things are going pretty well. I wish you a nice flight 🙂

  3. Kathryn Schlieben Says:

    When I lived in Atlanta the locals joked that Delta stood for

    Over years of almost constant travel I’ve lowered my expectations to the point where I’m happy if my luggage arrives no matter what condition it’s in and with a minimum of 95% of its original contents. It’s a double edged sword. We want cheap flights AND good service, new planes, and to be on time. I’m resigned to rank safety first but bring my own food on board and a change of clothes in my hand luggage.

  4. Philippe Says:

    Good point Kathryn. I recently travelled with ryanair (brussels – Venice). The space between the seat rows was so small that I almost had my knees against my ears. but the trip was incredibly unexpensive.

    I agree that safety comes first, retrieving luggage comes second and I would rank having a friendly neighbour during the flight as third

    This remind me of a remarkable Seinfeld episode called “the airport”: Here are some scenes:

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