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I tested Cuil

July 29, 2008

I had my first 2 visits brought by Cuil, the new sensation in search engines. They claim to have the web’s largest index. I made a few test-searches.

I typed “Marketing blogs” as a first test of Cuil: the first results page links to fellow bloggers like Toby Bloomberg (divamarketing) or Tom Walls, but mainly to blog directories (Junta42, blogcatalog, blogrankingstoprankblog,…)

Then I tried with “Marketing blog” and received maily links to blogs with titles like “internet marketing blog” “pharma marketing blog” or “legal marketing blog

I tested searches on Belgian major press titles like “La libre Belgique” (very satisfying results) and “Het laatste nieuws” (not satisfying at all)

As a final test, I “cuiled” my own name and YES, the results are very relevant.

The next big thing in search will probably be released by Microsoft. I can’t wait to test it.

Edit: also read Toni’s opinion


Bad goes around

July 24, 2008

A bunch of my colleagues experienced the delta skelter.

About 10% of the Microsoft people travelling from Atlanta to Brussels on july 21st couldn’t find their luggage in Brussels. Some of the luggage are still missing today. Among the retrieved ones, the suitcases of my lovely colleagues Valérie and Virginie… in a very bad shape (see picture). Valérie called Delta today to discuss a compensation but they asked her to call again within a week.  They obviously don’t have the time to handle her complain.

Bad goes around

Still alive

July 24, 2008

I know it’s not about ranking but I can’t help to be happy to see my blog in the adage rank. I’m not in the power 150… far from it but Nick Burcher made a very interesting (and probably time consuming) exercise: he extracted the european blogs out of the list. Thanks Nick! My colleagues Kris and Miel are among the top belgian blogs.

By the way, the blog of Nick Burcher is one of the most interesting blog around. Make sure that you adapt your blogroll.

Blowjobs included!

July 10, 2008

I recently posted a great Ben Stiller video on This post received a comment by Richard who states that “a lot of viral videos contain some form of depravity”. I don’t have stats about that but I think Richard is right.

Since a lot of marketers seem to believe in the power of depravity, Ryanair launched a new VIP program called “Beds and blowjobs”.

Who said “over promise”?

Delta skelter

July 1, 2008

I complained about Starwood’s lame customer service.

According to Joseph Jaffe, Delta airlines provides an even worse service to their “preferred” customers.

After the post, here comes the video:

The editing isn’t fantastic (reading is quiet difficult) but I really love the idea. Congrat’s Jaffe, you show us the way.