Nightmare at Sheraton – Episode 3 (awakening)

I replied to starwood with the following mail

” Thank you very much for your mail. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can use this solution since there is no Jean Deltenre living at my adress. It’s just an encoding mistake made by your services: They typed “Jean” and they should have typed “Philippe”. Is there a way to correct that at your side? I will stay at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlanta as from july 15th and I really would like to benefit from my points. “

and this time, I received the answer I expected from an “Assistant Manager, E-Communications Department”:

“Thank you for sending another email request, this time we will make it right.
In reviewing our email correspondence we failed to answer your question; on behalf of the E-communications department I sincerely apologize. I have corrected the first name on your Starwood Preferred Guest account to Philippe.
In your last email you mentioned that you will be staying at the Sheraton in Atlanta on July 15th; Please do not hesitate to contact a Starwood Preferred Guest representative for assistance in making your hotel reservation at (phone number). Thank you for your dedication to our Starwood properties and being a valued member of our Starwood Preferred Guest program.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require additional assistance.”

Seems that my problem is solved. I also really appreciate that the admitted their mistake. Nevertheless, If I could give starwood a piece of advice, it would be the following:

– Do not send a standard answer without reviewing it. Your first reply was beyond ridiculous.

– Use technorati and monitor your brand(s)

– All the mails you sent me were from the same email adress even if there were different senders.  It’s very difficult to interact in that case. Please consider personalized emails for your staff, I can’t even send a mail to thank Marcella who solved my problem.

Marcella, I hereby thank you


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