Demanding students

I accepted to be one of the 5 speakers for the annual congress of the “Fondation Marketing” annual students event of November 6th 2007 in the Bozar (probably Brussels most beautiful location). The theme will be Consumer centric Marketing (defined in the event desciption as user generated, participative marketing and targeted advertising)

I just received the briefing. I am totally free to define the approach and the content of my presentation and I’m expected to talk during approximatively 40 minutes. The briefing mail states that the audience is demanding (gasp!). 700 attendees are expected (gasp again).

I didn’t determined the details of my presentation but I’m currently reading blogs posts like “The dumbness of the crowds” or “Are you a giver?”nfor inspiration

If you had to propose me a link on your blog to inspire me for this future presentation, which one would it be?


6 Responses to “Demanding students”

  1. Tim Brunelle Says:

    Philippe –

    Playing off of David Armano’s recent “10 Questions” post, I’d suggest speaking about being committed, about passion and empathy. I’d speak about Being Involved. Here’s my post on the subject:

    Hope this helps!

    – Tim

  2. Dominique Says:

    hi philippe,

    my colleague and i will be speaking at the same event (for the dutch speaking students that is). our presentation will be a revamp of the one on user generated content we did earlier this year for MediaNet Vlaanderen. Check it out on . It might spark off some ideas, and otherwise it’s still a nice read.


  3. Philippe Says:

    Thanks Tim and congrats for your nomination as a teacher. You’ll rock!

    Dominique, thanks for the link. It’s inspiring indeed (and you people have talent to make nice slides :))

  4. CK Says:

    I hope you are well and happy, friend. We will miss you at Blogger Social…but we still think about ya.

    Take care 😉

  5. Dotter Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Dotter

  6. Cathy Says:

    hey Philippe,

    my tip is not exactly on consumer centric marketing but an inspiring article on the influence of internet on today’s youngsters.

    it’s a quite long article that appeared in New York Times Magazine. the main topic is the shift in privacy that’s occurring when people put their whole private life on display on internet, for everyone to view. a shift that will undoubtedly have its effect on consumer behaviour as well.

    here’s the link (i hope it will work, html still isn’t my major quality ;-)):–+New+York+Magazine&expire=&urlID=21073023&fb=Y&


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