Just when I thought about quitting


Oh my! I haven’t blogged for a while… but I’m back.

Besides 2 wonderful holiday weeks in Egypt, I’ve been busy with a side-project (the title of the post is related to this project) that took me a lot of time lately. I stay sneaky about it but I’ll publish it on this blog in the coming weeks.

I’m very happy to announce that I’m not a smoker anymore thanks to the Allen Carr’s method

I’ll be back with a real post in the next few hours. In the meantime, I’ll browse my favourite blogs and read everything about the Blogger Social event.


8 Responses to “Just when I thought about quitting”

  1. Ryan Karpeles Says:

    Yay! 🙂 Welcome back, and many congrats on quitting. That’s impressive 😉

  2. nicholas gill Says:

    Welcome back, Philippe! I thought you’d gone on les grand vacances (excuse any sp issues!). Congrats on kicking the weed. You’ll be able to taste food (and alcohol) better and be able to breathe in the fresh air. Keep it up. Well done.

  3. viceblogging « [bluurb] stuff and things Says:

    […] to lose a stone too. But if Ryan’s giving it a go, Jaffe is still losing the pounds and Phillipe’s quit his weed, then I’d better give it a proper try. Again. But this time I’ll need to […]

  4. Laurence Says:

    Ca tue maintenant faut que ça dure…c’est tellement mieux sans! See you soon.

  5. Nancy Says:

    J’ai arrêté il y a 9 mois maintenant, c’est pas facile mais c’est faisable. Et si un jour tu as un coup de blues, et que tu te dis que la clope, c’est bien… prends le métro et hume le charmant parfum des cheveux des fumeurs (ou fumeuses)

    Au fait, tu tiens le coup ?

  6. Philippe Says:

    Oui, je tiens fièrement le coup. J’espère que c’est la bonne 🙂

  7. Nancy Says:

    Mais oui ce sera la bonne!
    c’est ton quantième arrêt ? (ca m’étnne d’ailleurs te connaissant que tu n’aies pas résussi du premier coup, une faiblesse ? :D)

  8. Cathy Says:

    you did better than my sister. last time she tried quitting, she said the book was so gripping that she didn’t want to read to the end…

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