No headquarters, no hierarchy

I had the chance today to hear a brilliant presentation by Charles Leadbeater. I wrote down a few key messages:
– Give people tools, see how they us them and only then, build your business model
– If you treat users as (just) consumers, you won’t be able to make them help you to innovate
– The most innovative organisations (based on free collaboration) today have no headquarters and no hierarchy, they are much quicker in innovation than any big fixed rigid organisation
– Succes may lead to conservatism. If you have a history of succes, you may tend to repeat what led you to succes.
– If you want to see your way into the future, act as you were a new entrant with low budgets


4 Responses to “No headquarters, no hierarchy”

  1. Valeria Maltoni Says:

    Fantastic list of things to ponder, Philippe. I used to say that people become very good at what worked before. Thank you for reminding me.

  2. Tim Brunelle Says:

    Philippe: The first point reminds me a landscape architect who would refrain from installing sidewalks at a site until the people had worn down paths, showing where they wanted the sidewalks to be. Thanks for the inspired post!

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    No headquarters, no hierarchy | Bad idea, indeed

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