Ola bem dia

I’m in Lisbon today for the Microsoft Digital Advertising Solution sales kick off 2008. After the usual loud R’n’B music, the “Wow, look at this”, the “Make some noise to show how much fun you’ll have”, the “give yourself a big round of applaus” and a few “that’s a FANTASTIC achievement”, we had a short opening by Marc Bresseel and a 45 minutesĀ speech by Chris Dobson, our sales VP. I won’t (and I guess, I may not) go into the details of what have been said this morning but on statement of Chris Dobson’s presentation caught my attention: “Internet doesn’t change people behaviour (…) technology change, not behaviours

This is an interesting statement but I still haven’t figure out if I agree with that. We may tend to exagerate the impact of internet on what we are but I think that some of our behaviours are the result of our internet experience. We have friends we have never seen, we are expecting brands to listen, we want to consume media on demand, we don’t perceive advertising as we used to do, we participate, we contribute, we share, we aggregate, we syndicate and we engage. Is that enough to call that a major behaviour change? And what kind of users are impacted?

I would love to read your opinions about this.


2 Responses to “Ola bem dia”

  1. Pieter Ardinois Says:

    In the uttermost abstract sense of ‘being human’ I don’t think we’re changing. We’re trying to gain immortality and therefore we need creation. Creation can only be established through communication. The synergy of communication and creation leads to improvements in communication and that is having its effect on our behavior.

  2. Toby Says:

    I agree with you. The need to connect and to be human is the under scoring factor. While that may not change, the Behavior of How and When and Where we connect has been altered by the internet and by technology.

    Here’s an overly simple personal example. I can now IM or call you on a plane to let you know my ETA. In fact I can text millions of people at the same time (through micro blogging). That’s how my behavior has been altered. I can communicate when and where I want/need to .. generality.

    Now the other side of the equation is impact on the person (or people) who receive my communication. It changes their behavior as well. That may be as mundane as less wait time at the airport to a lovely meal waiting when you get home because dinner wasn’t burnt. Which might lead to less frustrations and better family time because expectations were managed.

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