Link love meme

Toby tagged me for the 8 random things game (thanks Toby): The idea is to list eight random facts/habits about myself. I don’t know what kind of curse is waiting for me if I break the chain. 

(You can fin the complete rules on adjunct whore.)

Here’s my list:

– I used to be a problem child: 4 highschools is 6 years

– Long story… but a (very decent) picture of me and my wife appears in a book called “cybersex”

– I’m a Lost and a Seinfeld freak

– I sometimes cry when I finish a really good book

– My favorite musicians are Captain Beefheart, Can, Nosfell, Tindersticks, Curtis Mayfield, Daniel Johnston and Velvet Underground

– Whenever I can, I play basketball with my 8 year old son. The only reason I still manage to beat him is the fact I’m much taller

– I’m a procrastinator

– I’m conviced that corporations are unable to change no matter how hard they pretend to try

Now, according to the rules it’s my turn to tag 8 bloggers: Pieter, Tara, David, David, Joseph, Tim, Mark, Phil, what about you?

Don’t break the chain 😉 :

Ryan K (Iowa) : “I tagged 8 people and was hired THE SAME day by a big company”

Christina K (New York): “A few hours after tagging 8 people, I met the real coke light delivery man in the lift of my office. Believe me…this really works!!!”

Luc D (Brussels): “A few days after tagging 8 people, I won the lottery of $ 50”


9 Responses to “Link love meme”

  1. Toby Says:

    Thanks for playing along. Gosh .. nothing that I know of happened to me. Maybe that’s the good thing!

  2. Valeria Maltoni Says:

    Darn, I have a post ready to go and I’m tagging you as well. I’ll have to be more creative and timely next time 😉

    “I’m convinced that corporations are unable to change no matter how hard they pretend to try” you got it. Entities don’t change, people do.

  3. Robin Wauters Says:

    I’m a Seinfeld buff myself!

    Wouldn’t have put down the fourth item on your list though 😉

  4. Philippe Says:

    Toby, luck is with you now 😉

    Valeria, if you tag me, I’ll find 8 more things to tell

    Robin, I’m a sissi 🙂

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  6. CK Says:

    I met the Diet Coke man? And you’re in a Cybersex Diary? You are on a roll my friend!

  7. Philippe Says:

    CK, you didn’t? Gosh. It’s probably an hoax 😉

  8. mindblob Says:

    Hey Phil,
    Could you please introduce me to that Luc D from Brussels? See… I could borrow him some money, get dressed as the Coke Light delivery man, fly to NYC and try to change the way corporations see conversation so that they finally hire me as an expert strategist?

    PS : Brilliant recommendations not to break the chain!
    : )

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