Achilles’ heel

What’s the Achilles’ heel of web advertising?

Measurement? Certainly not! Our medium is much more measurable than any other.

Reach? Not any more

Creative possibilities? Ha! I don’t feel I have to argue on this one

Standardization? No big deal. There are a few standards even if sky is the limit for the creative people

Price? Impact? According to many case studies, the web offers the best return on investment (of course, this will depend on the sanity of the media mix)

So, what else?

Well, one annoying detail actually: when you book an online campaign you’re not totally sure that you and especially your distribution network people will actually see it. We usually sell with a “share of voice” principle (most campaigns on msn Belgium have 15 to 30% SOV) and that really bothers the advertisers. They want to be able to show their ad not only on a screenshot or by using the page refresh function untill they see their product. It’s not rational but that’s the reason why a lot of media buyers buy space in the advertisers’ favorite magazine (even if it’s not selective on the target group) or an outdoor advertising near the advertisers’ home, on top of the normal plan.

Of course, discounts and commissioning is another problem that will only be solved with the growth of investments.


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