Just when I thought about quitting

I sent a mail about 10 days ago to Lewis Green and Bob Glaza about a mysterious band based in Belgium called Bang Lassi. Last friday, Lewis wrote, in his fantastic “Fridays and weekends rock”-series, a great post about Bang Lassi, echoed in a very creative way by Bob Glaza. Here’s a line from Lewis’ post

Mostly we will look into Classic Rock Bands. But today I feature a band that a few weeks ago was Bang_lassi introduced to me by Philippe Deltenre, a Belgium friend. The band, Bang Lassi, blew me away.

I also left a link to a Bang Lassi song on Tim Brunelle’s blog who replied

I’m hearing Thin White Duke-era Bowie, the Beach Boys, some Queen, some early Yes, a little King Crimson and some Dresden Dolls. Fun track. Really nice harmonies and orchestration!

I have a profound respect for the musical opinions of Lewis, Bob and Tim since those guys have a very broad musical culture.

Bang Lassi is clearly in an end sixties-early seventies tradition: the music is complex and rich, far away of the usual mainstream airplay routine. Their approach of music can be regarded as radical and without compromission and I wonder: What can web 2.0 and social media do for them? How can we identify the influencers that will spread the Lassimen work? Which “marketing strategy” would you advise?


5 Responses to “Just when I thought about quitting”

  1. Lewis Green Says:

    Thank you for the shout out and rock on!

  2. bizsolutionsplus Featuring Solutions to Grow Your Business Says:

    Fridays and Weekends Rock with Bang Lassi

    Today, I make it official. On Fridays, bizsolutionsplus takes a holiday from marketing and shares the world of rock with you. My life was blessed by having the opportunity to travel with a band in the early ’70s. Music was played in my house from dusk…

  3. Bob Glaza Says:

    Those are hard questions, Philippe. The Lassimen definitely have the talent and the sound. And its a special music that takes me into a complex stream of change. It seems a lot of web 2.0 is about conversation…will Bang Lassi make those connections? And who are the right people for them to build their relationships? I think they can and will find the right ones.

  4. Marc Rapp Says:

    “Which “marketing strategy” would you advise?”

    Hmm–let’s see…
    ( 4 days, five blogs, extremely diverse content on each blog however we are all connected through posts and threads. )

    Ohh-Ohh-I’m betting word-of-mouth!

    Nice find. I’m really enjoying their sounds. Bowie and Floyd.

  5. Philippe Says:

    Lewis, Bob,

    I really thank you for your support and I’m so glad to read you’re enthusiast about Bang Lassi. I really trust the fact that the lassimen have a destiny!

    Hi Marc,

    Yes, word-of-mouth seems quiet efficient 🙂

    But we have also another plan that we’ll release in about 3 weeks. Stay tuned!

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