The path of Buddha

I’m suffering at Cannes since the network of hotel Martinez is saturated for a few days. I’m writing from the Microsoft cyberlounge. For the rest, I’m having a great time, I’m sunburned and I’ll come back with a lot of blog material

Yesterday, during the Microsoft conference, we saw a corporate clip about connection technology. The video started with 2 buddhist monks somewhere near Lhassa, surfing the web and sending photos through mobile devices. This reminded me a beautiful encounter I had with Matthieu Ricard, one of the most famous and wisest european buddhist monks. One of the key principles of buddhism is that you have to renounce anger. I asked Matthieu Ricard if he had succeeded in this renouncement and he confessed that in the last years, he lost his temper once: when another monk spilled tea on his laptop. In his monastry, he lives without running water, without sewer, with very frugal food but with a high speed internet connection.

I guess that when you’re a geek and that you manage to live without the web, you might reach the state of Buddha. After 2 days, I feel that I’m not ready.


One Response to “The path of Buddha”

  1. Sean Howard Says:


    This was a beautiful post. Enlightenment may not be approaching, dude, but at least you are at Cannes! 😉

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