Le Freaque, c’est chic


 Last Post before Cannes. As from monday, it will be an overdose of advertising. I’m looking at the program (workshops and conferences, meetings with fine colleagues, wild parties, an award ceremony, a Microsoft party, 2 boat trips and many discussions with our customers) and wonder when I’ll find time to blog. But when there is a will, there is a way. Hopefully, Cannes will be, as it was last year, a big source of inspiration, a close encounter of the advertisers and will provide interesting blog material.

Kris sent me a link to Lefreaque, a nice initiative of Adweek where members of the jury and guest bloggers are posting about the 2007 Cannes Ad Festival. So far, it’s an hors d’oeuvre since the festival hasn’t started yet but I hope to read some great lines in the days to come.


4 Responses to “Le Freaque, c’est chic”

  1. Clo Willaerts Says:

    Don’t forget McCann in Cannes. Judging from this post they’ve just arrived:

  2. Valeria Maltoni Says:

    Take me with you? One year I took a drive from San Remo to la Cote d’Azure with a friend. We went as far as Saint Tropez, which did not seem much to me. Montecarlo, on the other hand, impressed me, especially the Grand Prix tour. We want to hear about the wild parties, especially those.

  3. Philippe Says:

    I’m not a party animal (I’m too shy to dance) but yesterday we went on speedboats near charming islands and had a little dive and a great meal.

    Tonight is the big Microsoft beach party. I will maybe make an exception to my “I don’t dance”-rule and move a foot (or two)

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