Disruption powa!

France is a very conservative country as far as music is concerned. There are plenty of amazing and innovative artists but there’s no much room for them in the narrow french media landscape.

I watched yesterday evening the finale of “La nouvelle star”, the french version of American Idol. Here’s the winner

The other candidates of the show were very classical (Barbara Streisand and Elton John clones). I was very pleased to see this alien, tattood with the name of  Marcel Duchamp, win a mainstream song contest. Beyond the fact that he was my favourite candidate, I was glad to see that disruption works. I hope that marketers will take good note of that.


6 Responses to “Disruption powa!”

  1. Pieter Ardinois Says:

    Followed the contest a bit.
    There are a lot of similarities with the 2003 Belgian/flemish edition when Peter Evrard (a long haired metal/rocker) won and the 2004 edition where Joeri Franssen (a singer/songwriter with a unique voice) won.
    Both were unique and honest about their non-commercial ambitions as contestant. They wanted to bring their own message, and it worked. They couldn’t confirm their success afterwards. Disruption works during competition, but how to take advantage of the disruption in the long run?
    Apart from that, could it be that this will be the final breakthrough of a rock revival in France?

  2. Philippe Says:

    Hi Pieter,

    I remember Peter Evrard and Joeri. You’re right, the poor guy didn’t confirmed but I think that they were maybe less disruptive. Flanders is already (and was back in 2003) much more open to different genres of music. Who needs Joeri or Peter when you have dEUS, Stef Kamiel, Vive la fête, Daan and many other talented flemish singers?

    I really hope to see a rock/trip hop/experimental/jazz revival in France

  3. Pieter Ardinois Says:

    Yep, you’re right. They were perhaps ‘a little different’ amongst the other contestants but the flemish public was (and still is) spoiled with different syles and ego’s.

  4. cecil dijoux Says:

    Oh man, I cant agree more with that. French has this strong feeling of being a nation of arts and culture. This may prove right for the movie industry, maybe with literature (eventhough I’m not a huge fan of 100 pages arrogant and egocentric novels talking about sex and inflated egos, which has been the main literary trend in france for the last 10 years or so) but popular music wise, you’re right this is a genuine disaster.

    We have these terrible radios playing the same dire straits, joe cocker and tina turner songs for about 15 years, its a pure disgrace.

    Once in a while there’s a disruptive artist coming on the market though : Katerine is another brillant example but he has been in the alternative market for about 15 years now.

  5. Philippe Says:

    It’s true, Katerine is very disruptive in the french music industry.

    By the way, my favorite artist ever is french: Nosfell… but he’s far from Mainstream.

  6. Clo Willaerts Says:

    If you like Nosfell: he’s coming to Pukkelpop this year. I’ll certainly go check him out – you made me curious 🙂

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