Wikipedia Mathematics

I wrote a post last week about the power law in the blogosphere.

Yesterday evening, I stumbled upon a report on wikipedia and I realized that the rules are the same: like links beget links in the blogosphere, edits beget edits on wikipedia. And the number edits obviously impact quality: there is a strong correlation for a wikipedia article between number of edits (and number of contributors) and probability to be featured (sign that the article is qualitative).

You won’t be surprised but it appears that the distribution of edits on wikipedia follows a long tail model. The long tail is maybe the T.O.E. after all 🙂

Based on the wikipedia correlation between quality and number of edits/contributors, I was wondering if wiki models could be succesfully used in marketing (to create an advertising or to gather business intelligence). I asked Clo what she was thinking about it and she sent me this great Kathy Sierra post.


Frankendog may be ugly, but he has some personnality


2 Responses to “Wikipedia Mathematics”

  1. Clo Willaerts Says:

    Another interesting post on the same subject here:
    It mentions the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

  2. Philippe Says:

    I love this theory… it’s like the library of Babel in Borges’ book.

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