Marc Bresseel made a very inspiring (and sometimes provoking) presentation at the IAB Europe Congress. Here are a few lines in order to tease you:

“A lot of value is still to come from the network effect”, “Search is overhyped (…) Search is one of the areas where we will see massive, massive improvement”, “We don’t think Youtube is the future of TV”, “today if you’re an interactive agency and you don’t invest in technology and in education (…) you fail”. Here is the video:

But the most fundamental point in this presentation is the future of metadata. I’m convinced that’s what the next revolution is all about. Have a loot at Microsoft’s photosynth if you haven’t seen this amazing demo yet. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

What could be the next step? According to what I can see in my crystal ball, I believe that the formats (image, text, video, audio) might be aggregated together. If I visit a “1.5 world” made from pictures, I’d like to be able to read some wikipedia texts about what I’m seeing, see some videos, listen to audio files, I may like to meet people there and share opinions or aggregate different content feeds. I’d like to see search results organized regardless the formats (like on a desktop search but integrated in some kind of storyline). This is maybe a little utopist but I’m sure that the information architects will amaze us.

To take a more short term example: The problem of (for instance) the press agencies today is that they can’t package their products based on unified meta data: A portal or a news site will have buy text AND photos AND audio AND video and they will all be documented in different ways. How long will we be ready to pay for that?


3 Responses to “Meta-utopia”

  1. Jeroen Verkroost Says:

    1. As consumers our devices will need to become even smarter; Marc is very right about metadata beying key here. Our pictures are now tagged with date and time; next stop is geodata. Once we will have lat./long. metadata incorporated in all our pics apps like Photosynth can really start to fly 🙂

    2. Business Content Providers are actually moving to the space where they provide integrated content feeds, with a shared characteristic for pic, video and texts that deal with the same subject. Belive it or not, even press agencies like Belga are taking these steps.

    There may yet be hope for the brave new world of organized content 🙂

  2. Philippe Says:

    Jeroen, you rock! 🙂

    I’m sure the internet originated players like us and our main competitors might have a competitive advantage towards traditional media originated websites. We all understood that content was king and distribution was queen. usability and metadata are the lovely prince and princess

  3. Amira Duckhorn Says:

    I am fond of your homepage, the way I like air. Ok just kidding but really good explanations though .

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