Pass it forward

Following the example of Patrick Schaber, Scott Monty, Matt Dickman, Greg Verdino, Mark Goren (who pinged me for this post) and probably many more, I dug into my archives to select my 5 favourite posts.

The descent in the archives wasn’t very difficult since my blog is still very young. Anyway, here’s my pick:

Return on conversation: Especially for the comments

Advertising razzies: I like to blog on advertising once in a while and tried to present funny examples of terrible ads

Thanks for answering: In the early days of my blog, I published a digital marketing FAQ (questions of my customers, advertisers and agencies). This post presents a short wrap up of my answer and of the many contribution to the FAQ.

Marketing and web 2.0: where is the money?: A very short post but linking to a very interesting Forrester research

Web 2.0? There is no such thing! : This is where I found the tone of voice of my blog

I guess I have to ping a few bloggers: Bluurb?, CK?, Sean,? Your turn?


3 Responses to “Pass it forward”

  1. Mark Goren Says:

    Great posts, Philippe. The first one spoke to me particularly.

    “This makes me believe that instead of trying to measure a direct return on the conversation, we should focus on proving that sound conversational marketing has an impact on customer satisfaction and that customer satisfaction impacts companies profits.”


  2. nicholas gill Says:

    Your pass has been received and booted up the park to others. here’s my greatest hits:

  3. Philippe Says:


    Wonderful selection (and very funny way to present it!)

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