What do you expect from a great lover?

I just stumbled upon this wonderful way to compare marketing, advertising, PR and branding. Still, it should be completed.


I add:

– Sales: If you become my lover, you receive a second lover for free (money back guarantee!). Call now!

– Conversational marketing:  What do you expect from a great lover?

– Viral marketing: Send this video showing the great lover I am to all your friends

Found via D-ring


5 Responses to “What do you expect from a great lover?”

  1. bluurb Says:

    an oldie but a goldie 😉

  2. Philippe Says:

    Yes, I realize it’s not very fresh but it’s so true. I posted it for the conversational marketing version and it’s also so “bring the love back” 🙂

  3. Clo Willaerts Says:

    Jeremiah Owyang applied it to Social Media, too:

    The wording is a bit awkward but interesting nonetheless.

  4. Gavin Heaton Says:

    Very funny … thanks for the reminder. But you know, it makes me feel a little bit dirty 😉

  5. Links for 31/05/2007 | Says:

    […] Bad idea indeed >>> The difference between PR, Advertising, Marketing and […]

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