The skinny blonde


There is this woman, a skinny blonde, mother of a child in the class of my son who is ignoring people like me. She doesn’t know me but must assume I’m not worthy of her conversation since I never wear a suit and I drive “only” an audi A3 (I’m just a middle class guy). Every morning, she parks her enormous SUV on the pavement obliging the kids to walk on the street. Even when we walk next to each other after we dropped our kids in the classroom, she pretends I’m not there. I don’t care that much, I’m not very into small talk but it’s not a nice sensation.

I didn’t made this blog to bitch about people. But this is the exact analogy of what I felt with the HP story. They are ignoring me and it’s somehow disturbing. OK, I’m a very modest blogger, I don’t claim to have any kind of influence (I’m just a middle class blogger). Nevertheless, I experience the fact that HP is not monitoring the blogosphere as a sign of contempt. It’s pretty new, but today I expect brands to listen and it’s an unpleasant feeling when they don’t.

Untill further notice, if I have to illustrate their brand personality, I would classify HP in the unfriendly arrogant skinny blonde category.


2 Responses to “The skinny blonde”

  1. CK Says:

    Skinny blondes suck ;-). I like where you going with stereotyping brands. I have a few I’d like to classify as the “compensating male” and some are “hipster wannabees”. There are some genuine girl-next door and nice guy brands, too (they’re certainly not all bad).

    I think this makes for an interesting series. Metaphors meet stereotypes can only be interesting. And please stop calling yourself middle class. Far better to be ghetto and real.

  2. Philippe Says:

    Exactly, CK!

    I can see a few compensating males out there… and a few brainless bimbos as well.

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