The audience is listening, HP isn’t

It took me 2 minutes to post the story of Laurent struggling with an HP keyboard and HP’s kafkaesque customer service. I was amazed to see the HP-post on the very top of the top posts of the week.

No reaction from HP so far… but a few hours after the publishing of the post, John P, a very helpful representative from Dell (!) tried to help us out and gave us some directions in the HP labyrinth. This must be superman’s Bizarro world.

Maarten was the first to blog about this oddity on Blogologie (in dutch). A few hours later, I see a pingback leading to an excellent post entitled “Dell Quells HP Hell” on Steven Phenix’ blog. The post is great and even offers us background information about John P.

So, HP is not listening while Dell learned to listen and monitor and understood that everyone is a customer. Laurent decided to buy a new laptop. It’s a Dell.


4 Responses to “The audience is listening, HP isn’t”

  1. Mark Goren Says:

    So I see this has been a week for Seinfeld references. Bizzaro Jerry.

  2. Philippe Says:

    It was so appropriate in that case! 🙂

  3. The skinny blonde « Bad idea, indeed Says:

    […] made this blog to bitch about people. But this is the exact analogy of what I felt with the HP story. They are ignoring me and it’s somehow disturbing. OK, I’m a very modest blogger, I […]

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