There goes my job

It’s official, there is no more media strategist at Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions Belgium. It was a hybrid job somewhere between sales, consultancy and evangelism and it was sometimes tough to find a place between media and creative agencies who are claiming the same missions.  This was my first B2B experience in the web (after 6 years in content) and I can’t believe how much I learned.

The disappearance of the function also indicates that we will less and less explain to the advertisers why they should communicate online and how they should do it. The market gained maturity and I guess most of them know it.. We also have the chance is Belgium to have very high profiles in our sales team. My appointment as a media strategist 9 months ago pushed me to make a lot of research and eventually to blog again. Through many meetings with advertisers and agencies, many conversations, tons of questions and many objections, I gained a more holistic view on new media. Even if, the more I learn, the more I find out the complexity of the internet and the advertising equations.

So, what am I going to do now?

Something new and something very nice, still at Microsoft, combining the most interesting aspects of my media strategist function (research, customer insights, meetings with agencies and advertisers) and a more strategic dimension. I’m very excited about it, this is the start of many new learnings and actions and I’ll need the blogosphere more than ever.


8 Responses to “There goes my job”

  1. Steven Verbruggen Says:

    Cool man! Good luck in your new function. I’m sure you’ll rock in it.

  2. Ryan Karpeles Says:

    Best of luck Philippe. A change of direction can often be a very good thing. Let’s hope 🙂 As you said, keep on learning!

  3. General Pattern Says:

    Steven, Ryan,

    Thanks a lot. I feel a lot of blog material arriving 🙂

  4. tanguy de kelver Says:

    seems exciting and as they say in french: “bonne m…” 😉

  5. General Pattern Says:

    Merci Tanguy!

  6. Mark Goren Says:

    Good luck to you, Phillippe! Keep us posted on your new adventure.

  7. Emi Says:

    I also worked for Microsoft as Media Strategist for 6 month. First experience in the web. I learned a lot, thanks to Phillipe my futur ex Boss, and I’d like to thank him. I know you still have a lot to teach me, and even if I can’t call you Boss anymore 🙂 I’ll still bother you !!! 🙂
    Good luck Boss!

  8. Pietr Says:

    I wish you all the best then

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