User engagement equations

Be sure to check out Techno//marketer this week. Matt Dickman proposes to adress as from today several topics about web 2.0. Here’s the menu:

  • Monday: History briefly and what Web2.0 is NOT
  • Tuesday: This isn’t your grandfather’s business model
  • Wednesday: Who let the tech out? (Please sing to the tune of “Who let the dogs out”. Thank you.)
  • Thursday: It’s the community stupid (whether you like it or not)
  • Friday: What this really means for you and your clients
  • Next to the menu, there’s is also an “à la carte” opportunity: Mark proposed his readers to add topic to his list. The topic I proposed is “Which new metrics should be developed for the new marketing?

    I believe we’ll be able to go beyond the microcosmic buzz of conversational marketing when the markets will agree on common metrics. There is already a lot litterature about web 2.0 metrics but it remains very unsatisfying due to the vague definition of the concept of web 2.0. This results in a lack of uncontested measures. I already wrote a few lines on Buzzmetrics, Comscore is developing measures of user engagement with a focus on no-pageviews formats like flash and Ajax, the projectfactory ranked brand engagement in second life, innovates in the vocabulary but keeps using very traditional measures,…

    It’s still a mess and the industry will have to solve that to be able to convince advertisers and media agencies.


    One Response to “User engagement equations”

    1. Matt Dickman Says:

      Philippe — Thanks for promoting this and for getting involved on my blog. I hope this is beneficial for you and your readers. Any feedback is very welcome. Thanks again!

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