Advertising Razzies


I named this blog “Bad idea, indeed” because I was initially planning to write posts about bad advertising. It turned out to be a little broader than that. In advertising, like in movies we have plenty of awards but in don’t think we have an equivalent of the Razzie Awards, celebrating the worst movies of the year.

What could be this advertising version? I see several possible awards for each media:

– The Steven Seagal award for the worst acting in an advertising (this one would be only for TV, online vids and radio ads, of course)

– The Copycat award, for the plagiarism of the year

– The dada award, for the less understandable ad of the year

– The Destroy Tibet award, for the commercial carrying the worst values

and why not a worst ad placement award or the worst marketing 2.0 action…

There’s a copyright on the Razzie concept. We’ll have to find something else for those advertising awards. What would be a suitable name for this ceremony?

So please, leave a comment or e-mail me if you see examples of really lame ads fitting in one of the categories above or if you figure out a good name for the bad advertising awards.

EDIT: Thanks to Ryan, I discovered this great collection of future awarded campaigns. This inspired me the bogeyman award for the scarriest commercial and the Wolfgang Amadeus award for the lamest music


5 Responses to “Advertising Razzies”

  1. bluurb Says:

    This could be entered into crappiest junk email category?

  2. General Pattern Says:

    It does!

    This remind me a junk mail called “have you ever dreamed to use your dick as a billiard cue?”

    Errrr… not really. I’m affraid I’m allergic to blue chalk.

  3. Jeroen Verkroost Says:

    How about…. the Badvertising awards!
    Following your categories, someone should eventually get the Badvertising Copycat Award. And, always nice, is still available 🙂

  4. General Pattern Says:

    Badvertising awards 🙂

    Hereby approved!

  5. Alexwebmaster Says:

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