Web Dissociative Identity Disorder

It’s conversation economy! CTR is dead! The key of the succes of an online campaign is in the pre-click experience! Online advertising has the emotional impact of TV and the reactivity of dailies!

Well yes, but I’m afraid those secrets are well kept between bloggers and web 2.0 theoricians.

There are no official figures for the 2006 european online market yet but it seems that keyword buying grew much more than display advertising. At Microsoft, direct response (CPC advertising) is doing great. Advertisers don’t perceive the web as a medium impacting brand awareness and purchase intent and new marketing still suffers from the lack of recognized metrics. The result is that, more than ever, online advertising seems to rely exclusively on click through. At media buyers’ side, online reach and frequency optimisation is based on Click through rate and cost per click. It’s too bad… but it’s probably not their fault. Advertiser demand proof of efficiency and accurate ROI measurements to the web that never have been given by tradtional medias. In that context, CTR/CPC based optimisation seems the only option for many campaigns.

Of course, impact studies are possible for online campaigns and dynamic logic offers very valuable research and market norms. Unfortunately, it’s not used in the day to day work by media planners and media buyers. At Microsoft Belgium, we’ve tried to convince the market by working with Metrixlab but I must say I was heavily disappointed by their lack of professionalism.

The web is a beautiful media and deserves a better business model.

I confess… I’m probably a little negative, moody and radical today.


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