Not all interactions are created equal

KrisMarkMatt… The third degree of separation is now reached for the Digital Marketing FAQ. Matt Dickman, the blogger behind the brilliant Techno//Marketer answered question number 6: What does interaction rate tell me about the impact of my rich media campaign?

His answer is a must read. It was published on Transmission Marketing and states that “not interaction are created equal” and makes a very interesting distinction between good and irrelevant interaction. : You can find the full post here


7 Responses to “Not all interactions are created equal”

  1. Mark Goren Says:

    Matt was certainly the right person for this question! Glad he was able to help out.

  2. Matt Dickman Says:

    I’m glad you guys like the post. Thank you both for setting up such a great series to help marketers understand the changes that are impacting us. This is just the beginning. I’d love to see this list expanded over time as new challenges come into focus.

  3. General Pattern Says:

    Mark, good choice indeed!

    Now, Matt, you have to initiate the fourth degree of separation 🙂

  4. Transmission Content + Creative, Mark Goren, New Marketing Coach » Blog Archive » Unrelated Stuff 3 Says:

    […] a nerve and spurred quite a discussion. You can read some of the related discussion at these blogs: Bad Idea, Indeed; Cloudy Thinking; Servant of Chaos. Thanks for picking up on Matt’s thoughts and furthering the […]

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