Time for new metrics?

Nielsen buys Buzzmetrics. They already owned 58% of the company. It won’t be regarded as the deal of the year but…

Most advertisers still don’t invest (and don’t believe) in the conversation economy because it’s hard to translate into traditional marketing metrics. The question is of the advertiser remains: what about my ROI?

In my presentations, I use an old (april 2005) Volvo case. The concept of the campaign was very innovative 2 years ago. Volvo created a blog called What’s your story with the tagline “Real stories by real people”. If you look at the traditional reporting metric (CTR), the campaign was pretty average but buzzmetrics showed how conversations were impacted by the campaign. The study presented tons of key learnings including that Volvo “discussion shares” rose dramatically on blogs and automotive communities.

The Buzzmetrics study also showed the (positive and negative) stereotypes linked to the volvo brand, from the Volvo soccer mom to the safety reputation. The quotes taken from the conversation show that Volvo enthusiasts took the opportunity of the campaign to advocate the brand and the what’s your story action.

The full Volvo buzz report contains 57 pages full of insights and it’s so much more usefull for a marketer than click through rates data or even traditional impact studies. If the conversational marketing catches up as it should, there is a bright future for conversation tracking and analysis.

And what about ROI? What is the value of conversation? Jonathan Carson gives his 2 cents on his blog. A redefinition of marketing ROI in the conversation age still needs to be invented. Spread the word.


2 Responses to “Time for new metrics?”

  1. Rolling Talks Says:

    Read about it on Charlene Li from Forrester this very morning- not new but a few articles within the last months worth reading on the subject. Enjoy 😉 http://blogs.forrester.com/charleneli/2007/01/new_roi_of_blog.html

    I also summed up a few quotes on RT

  2. User engagement equations « Bad idea, indeed Says:

    […] concept of web 2.0. This results in a lack of uncontested measures. I already wrote a few lines on Buzzmetrics, Comscore is developing measures of user engagement with a focus on no-pageviews formats like […]

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