No compassion, no mercy

Listen to the lyrics of the song in this commercial.

The funny thing is that the little tagline in french at the end means “New Jeep Compass. 4×4 reasons to love the city” (Thanks Chrys for correcting me)

Besides this one, what could be the less appropriate song for a car commercial? After a little browsing on lyrics sites, my first proposals are Car Jamming (Clash), Wheels of confusion (black sabbath) and The new pollution (Beck). Any other ideas?


9 Responses to “No compassion, no mercy”

  1. Jeroen Verkroost Says:

    Roadkill by Pulp immediately springs to mind, although those lyrics are not too car-centric. Probably much worse would be Car Crash by Powerman 5000… 🙂

  2. General Pattern Says:


    I found a new one: Dead man’s curve (Blink 182)

  3. Sean Howard Says:


    Would LOVE to know the “insight” that drove this music choice!!!

  4. Pieter Ardinois Says:

    Haha, nice one. “The jungle of the city”…

    When we ride our enemies – 2 PAC
    Riders on the storm – The Doors

  5. Chrys Says:

    I live in Belgium and I can see a lot of this commercial right now. I agree the lyrics are not very appropriate but I don’t care I just love the music!And I’m looking everywhere for this song.. What’s it called? Who sings it? somebody help me please 🙂
    Oh and by the way “4×4 raisons d’aimer la ville” = “4×4 reasons to love the city”, not “to love life” 😉

  6. General Pattern Says:

    Thanks Sean! I will try to find out why they chose this track

    Pieter, We ride our enemies is a great choice 😉

    Chrys, thanks for the correction. I thought it was “d’aimer la vie”.

    I like the song very much as well but couldn’t find it (it sounds like Portishead or Morcheeba)

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  9. fletes Says:

    the original song name is DAYDREAM from WALLACE COLLECTION BAND
    but i can´t get the ad version, sorry…. If some one know please post it.

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