Thanks for answering

Here’s a recap of my answers to the 8 questions of the Digital Marketing FAQ. 

How far should I go in the dialogue with the users? Can I accept controversy on my website? What moderation level is acceptable?

Is online advertising making sense without a decent website?

Are there examples of 2.0 initiatives made by traditional brands that went totally out of hand?

How can impressions be compared to television GRPs?

How intrusive should I be? (expandable formats, videos with sound on by default)

What does interaction rate (only available for rich media formats) tell me about the impact of my campaign?

Does the long tail change anything to the way I should communicate with my target group?

Why on earth do people use sites like second life?

You can also find excellent answers to those questions on Transmission Marketing and Minor issues. Besides Mark and Steven, I need to thank a lot of people who contributed to the answers and the diffusion of the questions: Joe Jaffe, Kris Hoet, Ann Handley, CK, Michel Vuijlsteke, Marc Collier, Marc Bresseel and (in advance) Matt Dickman.

I will come back soon with a wrap up and a powerpoint summarizing all the great contributions of those top marketeers.


2 Responses to “Thanks for answering”

  1. Mark Goren Says:

    It’s been fun, Philippe! Looking forward to Matt’s answer, which will wrap up the series on my end. Thanks again!

  2. Some minor issues Says:

    New Marketing FAQ: 8 interesting questions

    As I finished the 8 new marketing questions, it’s time for a round-up.

    Philippe Deltenre, Media Strategist at Microsoft Belgium, created a list of 8 questions traditional advertisers tent to ask…

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