Sex sells

A little year ago, I created a youtube profile and started to upload my homemade vids. I wanted to get feedback on the music I was co-composing and on the videos I was editing. I must say I had few… (I should say “I stayed on the right side of the long tail”) and I understand now I’m not the new Brian Eno 🙂

I will very soon reach 10.000 video views because one of my vids is tagged with the following keywords: sex, girl, naked… among others. I made the vid and the song in less than an hour (while this one took me a day) and was tempted to remove it… but it’s my “star product”

Same story for my top posts. Besides the digital marketing FAQ that received a lot of echo, the posts talking about sex on second life are the most popular ones (thanks to search engine trafic).

Which marketing conclusions should I draw?


6 Responses to “Sex sells”

  1. Robin Wauters Says:

    That we urgently need a new way to measure online marketing. You know, influence and attention instead of visitors and pageviews …

  2. Clo Willaerts Says:

    Let’s not pretend as if it’s a bad thing that “sex sells”. As Oscar Wilde used to say: “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”
    There are other kinds of bad advertising: intrusive, misleading or uninspired advertising for example. In that context you could consider removing the “sex” tags because they are misleading. Or not?

  3. General Pattern Says:

    It’s not really misleading. It has a slight link with sex (or is it a link with power?)

    Robin, isn’t using sex the best way to get attention? 🙂

  4. Marc Bresseel Says:

    The conclusion I draw was that the book was better than the video 😉

  5. General Pattern Says:

    I don’t know the book (“the cigarette girl” by Carol Wolper) and discovered its existence through your comment. I put in on my holiday books list

    (The world is not ready yet for my creations. I was born too soon ;))

  6. Jeroen Verkroost Says:

    As you’ve noticed, the problem with using sex is that it is so user friendly.

    Therefore it can get really hard NOT to use it 😉

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