I interviewed a second life avatar


Hi, what is your name? My Name is Angy Aster, isn’t that a cute name? 

Do you have a picture of yourself? Of course you See, I even have a Picture with Johnny Depp. 

What do you like in second life? Talk to people, interactions with the others, it’s a really interesting community, some people are really great, other well, as in real world you know.

What don’t you like? Nothing really, it’s a virtual world, so when I find it boring I leave. 

Are you virgin? Nop, but I have a regular boyfriend ;-), Actually, I only tried once, for fun.

What have you done in second life that you wouldn’t do in real life?  Dancing in a bar for money, but you know I needed those fabulous hair, gambling, SM sex.

Thanks Angy!


2 Responses to “I interviewed a second life avatar”

  1. oclenj Says:

    Imagine czk4490 loop. Froogle has an abcbab7f8d items checker.

  2. olczij Says:

    i hope. abcbab7f8d thanks

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