Dell Hell strikes back

I was invited for a presentation today at Zenith Optimedia Belgium. I tried hard but it was impossible to launch my Dell laptop… I had nothing but a blue screen and no print-out of the presentation I was intending to make. Some kind of poltergeist probably cause since I’m back at the office, my PC is working properly.

I presented anyway… and explained to the planners the story and the outcome so far of the digital marketing FAQ.  I focused on the first 4 questions:

  • How far should I go in the dialogue with the users? Can I accept controversy on my website? What moderation level is acceptable?
  • Is online advertising making sense without a decent website?
  • Are there examples of 2.0 initiatives made by traditional brands that went totally out of hand?
  • How can impressions be compared to television GRPs?
  • For the fourth question, I’m happy that Steven was the first to shoot since it’s not my favourite question.

    GRP versus impressions: Both of these metrics express the advertising weight. GRPs could be used for online campaigns but the comparison is made difficult by:

    – A different relation with time: there are no time schedules in online

    – The fact that online is bought with a share of volume (SOV): Most campaigns are planned with a SOV between 15 and 30%

    – Different ways to measure audience

    – The variety of internet formats

    But the question of GRP versus impressions aims to compare the impact of online advertising and the impact of TV advertising. If you compare what’s comparable, it seems that a TV spot works better online but what about the other formats? and what’s the point to compare impressions and GRPs?

    What the advertisers and the agencies really want to know is how to make an impactful online campaign… and that’s the Achilles’ heel of the online advertising: there is no clear set of rules. Carat proposed a “Morgenzstern beta” (measuring the power of advertising per media) for online but it’s only based on a 2001 campaign, Doubleclick made some great research on best practice to maximize impact. Both show very positive results. Unfortunatly, none of those are regarded as market norms.

    Even if there is plenty of data advocating the power of online advertising, the web doesn’t comply with norms very well by nature and because of its youth.

    There’s a lot to say about those issues… Have a look a “the devil & online advertising” that proposes a great summary about our (online media owners) lack of maturity.

    But internet is the media of permanent and (almost) real time optimization. It allows the advertiser to draw conclusions out of each action and develop a tailor made best practice and I believe that’s a major argumentation to advocate our beloved medium.


    10 Responses to “Dell Hell strikes back”

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    2. Rick Says:


      My name is Rick, I’m a Dell Technical Analyst located at Dell corporate headquarters in Round Rock, TX. I’m part of an internet outreach team developed to interact with the online community regarding technical questions and issues that customers face with Dell products. I read your post and I understand how tough a presentation can be when your notebook chooses not to work and you are left to improvise. Hopefully the issues with your Dell have been taken care of, but if there is anything I can do to assist please email me at (and put “Attn Rick” in the subject line)


    3. General Pattern Says:

      Hi Rick,

      No worries. I’m happy with my dell (sorry for the provocative title). It was just bad luck and murphy on that day.

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    5. Craig Says:

      This sounded like a fascinating presentation and I would’ve loved to have seen it. Is there a copy floating online anywhere?

      As for the title to your post and the subsequent response by a Dell employee – I can’t think of a better WOM response than what transpired on your blog! Even using the words “hell” and “dell” in the same sentence illicit a CSR response. I love it!

    6. Tim Says:

      I bought a Dell today and the hard drive failed on the first boot up. Called there tech support and got a person that only gave canned responces. After 30 min. on the phone the guy tell me he could not help me and gave me another number to call . I called and they said it was maybe the hard drive. I needed to buy a hard drive and have it there when the tech got to my home. I told them I just bought the Dell to hours ago many times. After repeating myself 5 times they said I need to return it to Best Buy were I bought it and go right to the geek squad desk for repair. Hell I bought a new machine and you would think it would at least boot one time. After that I got on there chat and was told more or less the same thing. I told the chat guy It was there problem and not Best Buy’s . I was told that Best Buys told me about a contract between the two about tech support . My only comment was and I repeated myself was I bought a Dell new and they need to replace it or come to my house and fix it free since I would have to drive over a hundred miles for repair……Tim from Ohio In Dell Hell

    7. Chris Says:

      I think it would be good for the average user if, when calling Dell on their customer service number, they could understand English. This personally was a big barrier, as were the long, tiresome calls and unanswered e-mails, complaints, etc. I am at a loss as to explain how Dell consistently achieves market dominance with such poor customer infrastructure.

    8. Pruss Says:

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