To the second degree of separation

One month after launching this blog, the post “thanks for asking” is by far the top post on this blog thanks to several incoming links and thanks to te interest of Steven and the post of Joseph Jaffe. The FAQ is now living its own life. Kris sent the 8 questions to top marketeers and some of them decided to blog about it. Here’s a “state of the FAQ”

Today, I will only talk about the first question who raised the most reactions so far: How far should I go in the dialogue with the users? Can I accept controversy on my website? What moderation level is acceptable?

You’ll notice that we all agree 🙂

If I had to summarize all the points of view on one slide, I would say:

  • Go as far as customers demand it
  • Behave like a social networker
  • Keep it on topic
  • Be fast and reactive
  • Don’t be provocative

For the title of this slide, I would use Mark Goren’s words: No censorship but conversationship


2 Responses to “To the second degree of separation”

  1. vn Says:

    Hi there!
    Nice summary, very true and usefull, txs a lot 😉 I will be back.

  2. General Pattern Says:

    You’re always welcome. Congrats for your award!

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