Don’t let me be misunderstood

I had the honour to be speaker at the youth online workshop (It was a last minute replacement of my boss).

Last friday, there was an extended summary of the workshop in a Belgian marketing magazine called PUB News.

I started my presentation by telling that today’s young generation was born after the democratization of the internet and that they were living in an infinite media landscape. Internet changed the fact that content and information were scarce resources and that this huge offering was changing the way children are expecting to acces content. Even if children under 13 years of age keep prefering television, the way they watch it is highly influenced by the web. This behaviour is influencing the way television is currently evolving (and will continue to evolve). I also spoke about internet usage data, gaming and made a focus on messenger using a study we (Microsoft) made with MTV.

The journalist made a great summary but I realized through the article that at some point of my presentation, when I was talking about the way children are consuming content, the journalist assumed I was talking only about TV (you know, the piece of furniture you have in your living room). I may not have been clear enough about that… I once heard the chief creative officer of FremantleMedia New Platforms (the excellent Gary Carter, also President of FremantleMedia creative networks) telling that Fremantle’s job was not to produce content for TV but to feed screens, no matter that the screens were TV screens, computer screens or mobile devices screens.

But for many marketing and media professionals, device independant content is still science fiction. I should work again on that part of my evangelisation speech.


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