Non-stick cookware, sticky advertising


The second question of my FAQ was “Is online marketing making sense without a decent website?”

My answer to that question is YES unless your marketing objective is to attract visitors on your website. The criterias I see in most impact studies are the following: brand awareness, brand favourability, perception of the brand values, message association and purchase intent. So, the goal of any campaign is to offer a brand experience maximizing the impact on those metrics and none of them can be measured with a click through rate.

There has been a lot of buzz around the latest Millward Brown CTV study that concluded that online video advertising is more impactfull than TV advertising and you’ll find market norms and benchmarks on the doubleclick “beyond the click” pages (EU)

Video isn’t the only solution to serve the advertiser objectives. There are plenty of examples. My favourite is this Tefal ad (Saatchi and Saatchi Brazil) where the click just restarts the game. It’s the best way I can think of to advocate the brand promise of Tefal.

If you look at the average click through rate (1,03% on rich media ads according to eyeblaster research and much less on “traditional” online campaigns), you’ll understand that online advertising is all about pre-click experience.

Nevertheless, every brand should have a good website anyway to offer relevant content to surfers looking for information through search engines or by entering directly an url. But then comes the question: what’s a good brand website?


4 Responses to “Non-stick cookware, sticky advertising”

  1. Some minor issues Says:

    Q2: do you need a website

    Phillip’s second question “Is online advertising making sense without a decent website?”. See his own answers, I agree.

    So yes, online advertising is making sense without a decent website. If…

  2. Internet Marketing Secrets Says:

    Interesting, you always learn something.

  3. Rozella Kintner Says:

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  4. Luanne Whitemore Says:

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