Second life (as a pervert)

Incest, child prositution, rapes, sadism,…

It’s not the plot of the last Takeshi Miike. It’s the dark(est) side of second life and it’s all explained on second life herald.

Some places on second life allow adults to have virtual sex with virtual children (adults who pretend to be children). We will all agree to say this is sick, but… Can virtual pedophilia be regarded as real pedophilia? Should it be banned or prosecuted like in Italy? Or is it just a weird roleplay between consenting adults?  Is it fiction or what happens in second life is somehow real?

I must admit that I don’t really know what to think about that. Any opinions?


11 Responses to “Second life (as a pervert)”

  1. madmouser Says:

    It is sick in every form. Virtual pedophilia is simply practicing for the real event. Its keeping your mind on the subject matter while honing your skills. What a diseased mind and heart a person must have to act like this. To inject themselves onto a defenseless child, and to ruin their life in such a vile manner is unforgivable.

    These people cannot be cured, so they must remained locked away from society forever. They cannot be trusted in society. Either lock them away or put them to death. I have no preference between the two.

    I think this is the worst crime on earth.

  2. General Pattern Says:

    yes, but isn’t that pre-crime like in minority report?

  3. Rape me, my friend « Bad idea, indeed Says:

    […] comes in the international news, it’s often for very weird reasons. I already blogged about sexual exploration in second life. According to several newspapers of my dear country, the Belgian police is investigating a rape […]

  4. none Says:

    Can real life be regarded as real life, or is real life just a second life of another real life?

  5. nic Says:

    so, if you create 2 avatars, one that’s a child, and another that’s an adult, and you ‘molest’ yourself, is it child molestation deserving of death or masturbation?
    if you write a novel where one character kills another, should you be put to death for murder?

    wonder how italy and belgium treat novelists.

  6. Anon Says:

    I can’t understand incest as being illegal. People need to separate incest from sex with a minor. If two adults who happen to be related want to engage in sex, well… people make bad choices.

    I can understand sex with a minor being illegal, even if the minor wants the sex.

    I can understand murder being illegal. There may be a few cases when it is justified, but you have to let the judge decide that.

    How ever, I can act out on stage, write in a novel, or pretend at a SCA event the act of murder. I can either pretend to be the killer or the victim. This isn’t, and shouldn’t be illegal.

    Provided I am not a minor, shouldn’t I be allowed to pretend that I’m a minor, or that I’m having sex with a minor, or that I’m having incestious sex with or as a minor? Why can I pretend to kill someone but I can’t pretend to have underage sex with someone?

  7. Enola Krasnici Says:

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  9. rusta Says:

    You are a lier. Second life policies are very stricted with minors or avatars that that looks like minors.

    Rapes, sadism, BDSM are consensual actions between adults, like master or slaves.
    You are the perverts.

    And I must to repeat this: childs avatar are not allowed on adult regions and the poeple that are behind the keyboard must be 18 yearas old at least. Teenagers have her own teen second life, another servers without connection with the big second life.

    • anonymus Says:

      rusta: i met someone in second life ..he was married, .he pretended he was 55 but later i found he was 68!…he called himself a dom while he was “hypnotising” and seducing young, single and vulnerable women, manipulating them..suggesting them to masturbate for him…..what do you think about this?

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