Second Life Synchronicity

On March 19th, Kris posted an article entitled New media? Yes. New Marketing? Nah! The day after, the Brand Science Institute issued a press release to reveal a very low customer satisfaction towards the way brands are communicating on second life.  

Only 7% of the second life users consider that the activities of the brands in second life as positive for the brand image and purchase intent, while 72% expressed their disappointment about brand activities.

Marketing 2.0 has still to be invented.


5 Responses to “Second Life Synchronicity”

  1. tanguy de kelver Says:

    Here’s a nice approach regarding brands & SL…



  2. Second life: give me a break! « Bad idea, indeed Says:

    […] life: give me a break! Tanguy commented my post on second life’s brand strategies with a link to the video below. Thanks, […]

  3. ardixiv Says:

    I think that marketing 2.0 will never be invented. Marketeers need to think out of the web 2.0 box. IMO 2.0 is just a brand name for a bigger social and cultural development.

  4. General Pattern Says:

    It’s a good point, Ardivix. It’s also probably untrue to say that marketing has totaly changed with the rise of 2.0

  5. Virtual customer satisfaction « ‘Cross The Breeze Says:

    […] I wrote about the very traditional approach of many brands in the new space that is Second Life. My colleague Philippe points out to a customer satisfaction survey that was done in Second Life, which confirms my point: […]

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