What the fuck is the internet?

Holden: If the buzz is any indicator, that movie’s gonna make some huge bank.
Jay: What buzz?
Holden: The Internet buzz.
Jay: What the fuck is the Internet?
Holden: The Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to bitch about movies and share pornography with one another.

Taken from Jay and Silent Bob strike back


9 Responses to “What the fuck is the internet?”

  1. jeezy Says:

    what the fuck is the internet dawg?

  2. Jim Says:

    The internet is a peice of sh@t.

  3. fargo kantrowitz Says:

    what the fuck is the internet for anyway? i dig this topic because I get to cuss no matter what in it. that’s why i found it on the internet because i felt like cussing. oh well. nobody’s perfect. the internet is cool as long as you are not over-connected to it. i guess everybody knows where that is with their own selves.

  4. fucktoy Says:

    I was here

  5. Rasputin Grigori Grigoriev Says:

    Internet is a tool designed for the army who got overruled by commerciants Like the Royal Navy.

  6. Jaunty Says:

    Suck it Trebek.

  7. fuck Says:

    fuck wireless internet is sucks fucking bad conection and 502 bad gateway or 404 bad gateway

  8. falcwh0re Says:

    404 means not found n00b i.e. you did it wrong

  9. here Says:

    The look for your site is a little bit off in Epiphany. Nevertheless I like your web site. I may need to install a normal browser just to enjoy it.

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