My most embarrassing moment

Steven Bochco, writer and producer of NYPD Blue is looking for a new breed of storytellers. He teamed up with the video sharing website metacafe, the first user-generated video sites that pay people for their content (5 $ per 1000 views), to produce “Steven Bochco’s cafe confidential”, a serie of short tell all videos without sets, scripts, editing or special effects. The best videos are eligible for price money.

The concept isn’t very new. The innovation is more in Hollywood’s interest for that kind of User Generated Content (the first contributions were scouted by Bochco’s team). It’s also a sign that The role of a TV producer is more and more to send content to (any kind of) screens and not any more only for broadcasting formats.

A few themes are proposed: my weird family, my craziest day at work, my wildest drinking moment, my worst date or my most embarrassing moment.

I believe I could win an embarrassing moment contest. I once threw up on the bride’s sister during a wedding.


2 Responses to “My most embarrassing moment”

  1. Kris Hoet Says:

    What do you think about this one? Not my own most embarrasing moment luckily but I think we could have a winner here 🙂

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