TV shake up

I just received an invitation mail to preview joost and I installed the client on my computer. Bad luck, the servers couldn’t retrieve the first 3 clips I requested. It’s maybe due to the office firewall. Anyway, the interface is nice, simple and user friendly and all the content of Joost is on demand.

The content offering is still very limited but the recent announcement of a deal with Viacom could change that dramatically.


With decent content and hopefully local deals (and a little help from the growing penetration of TVs with HDMI entries), Joost (and also babelgum) could hurt the local IDTV players who tend to provide old fashioned broadcasting “enriched” with pathetic on demand catalogs.

The future is PC-centric.


One Response to “TV shake up”

  1. Clo Willaerts Says:

    No it’s Apple-centric 🙂 I’ll show you my “iMac/FrontRow + EyeTV 250 + Joost bèta-for-mac” setup and you’ll see.

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