internet bubble (gum)


The Belgian food sector is only using 1% of its advertising budget online. This figure is surprising since it’s now proven that a vast majority (close to 100%) of the Belgian internet population is eating!

I just received a “food barometer” released by IAB Belgium. In this study, there’s a affinity ranking by product and we learn that it’s among the surfers that you find the highest percentages of chewing gums eaters (69% of chewing gum consumers are surfers). Chewing gum is followed by veggie food (67%), cereals (67%) and products with fibres (67% as well).

Overall, we see that the Belgian surfers are not very satisfied by the local food websites and that the quality of the website could convince a minority (23%) of the surfers to switch brands.


3 Responses to “internet bubble (gum)”

  1. David Says:

    where is the report you talk about. i don’t find it on IAB site… tx

  2. General Pattern Says:

    It’s not online yet but will appear soon.

  3. qatzelok Says:

    “Belgian surfers are not very satisfied by the local food websites”
    Well, then someone can make money by trying to satisfy these deprived food-eating Belgian computer consumers.

    They’re a demographic that is just crying out for commercial manipulation.

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