I’m the bogeyman

My job is to convince the (business) market to use much more internet and to use it properly. We’re a handful in Belgium with this difficult mission. We all have our specific style but basically the message is almost the same: the media world is dramatically changing, consumers took the power, TV audiences will erode, the media elite is slowly dying, on demand will become the norm. We use concepts like the long tail, RSS, wiki, mashups, widgets, open source, social softwares, rich media, always on,…

We tell that the advertisers need to be humble, that brand equity can be measured by analyzing the search results, that they ain’t seen nothing yet, that even the concept of page view may soon become obsolete.

We’re talking about redefinition, revolution, about new media world order, new rules and new hierarchies. We proclaim that they should adapt now or disappear.

Sometimes I wonder if we are, with our weird looks and our strange vocabulary, not perceived as some kind of imprecative Bogey(wo)men in the media world. So many people are reluctant to change.



See the opinion of kris on a close topic


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